"My daughter Sarai participated in the BIA Winter Intensive 2019 and the online Summer program  June-Aug. 2020. She has made so much progress during the online summer sessions!! Miss Jaime and Miss Georgia are fantastic Ballet Practitioners! While teaching online, they’ve encouraged, motived, and inspired Sarai on many levels which has improved her overall dance technique. It’s no surprise how skilled their teachings are even through a video screen....actually teaching the dancer what muscles to initiate from to execute each turn, step or barre position. Sarai has had several back surgeries and thus had to restart ballet as a beginner several times. Miss Jaime and Miss Georgia met Sarai where she was and encouraged her without allowing Sarai to focus on her limitations. With extremely hard work and Sarai’s love of dance, she was able to execute her first pirouette en pointe at her regular dance school this past Saturday!!! We can’t fully express how much Miss Jaime and the BIA Team mean to us. We are truly grateful for what they offer!"

- Lakisha, Atlanta, GA

"Ballet Institute, and Jaime Robtison's targeted, joyful instruction are a gift. My daughter has not skipped a step during quarantine. She loves online training with Jaime, and has continued to grow and progress as a serious ballerina, in the privacy of our home. In my opinion, on-line training has opened extraordinary access to a very high level of expertise. Do not miss out on this!"


- Judy, Charlotte, NC 

As a professional dancer, training with Jaime has given me the opportunity to analyze and refine my own technique in a way that I would not ordinarily get to do.  Her dedication to providing consistency and a strength-based approach helps dancers build a strong technical foundation.  Her attention to detail is unparalleled, and as a fellow dance educator I am consistently amazed by her ability to pull the best dancer out of each and every one of her students. She doesn’t just inspire dancers to improve, but provides them with the necessary tools to reach their goals!

- Abby, Columbia, SC

Ballet Institute has brought ballet back into my life, and I am infinitely grateful for the opportunity to work with Jaime! I had taken a 2 year break from dance after training seriously for 8+ years. After just a few months of Jaime's coaching, I regained all of my technique, flexibility, and strength, and now I'm dancing better than I ever have before thanks to her targeted, personalized, and meticulous training. My private lessons with Jaime have become the highlight of my week - the improvement I make in each session is truly incredible, and I leave each class feeling inspired and empowered. Jaime has taught me to use the right muscles to make my technique cleaner and more precise, to bring artistry into each movement, and to master the precise science of ballet technique. She invests so deeply in her students, understanding our goals, backgrounds, strengths, and areas for improvement to develop individualized training programs that meet our needs. I feel so lucky to have found Ballet Institute, and hope to continue working with Jaime forever!

-Georgia, Sarasota, FL