Frequently Asked Questions


Can I schedule a private session "in-person", instead of online?

The simple answer, is yes! Simply contact us via e-mail to request a face-to-face private session. You will be responsible for renting a studio space. The studio location must be in the metro Atlanta area (Decatur included). If the location is more than a 10 mile drive for the instructor, a fee will be added to compensate the instructor for cost of travel.

Our instructors will wear masks and gloves.


Can I schedule a private session to coach my dancer's competition solo, or other performance work?

Absolutely! Our private sessions are ideal for "cleaning" choreography and developing artistry. Our dancers have had great success in the competition world! 

Keep in mind, your dancer will have to be in a studio in order for this to work. While you do not need to pay the additional fee to have our instructor with you in person, the dancer will need space to execute the choreography to the fullest.


What is "detailed training"? And why might my dancer not be receiving it at his/her studio?

Detailed training is the slow, meticulous work required to develop a solid technical foundation. It's a complete breakdown of how to use the body correctly throughout each movement. This process takes time, repetition and attention to the smallest of details. Most dance studios are pressed for time. They have to fit all classes and rehearsals in during after-school hours, and they do not have the luxury of diving into the smaller details.

This is where we come in. With our approach to training, your dancer can quickly stand out, and move ahead of the rest!


Our remote training is convenient, cost effective and safely performed from your own home! 


*It takes very little space to perform detailed training. Simply angle your phone, computer or laptop so that we can view the dancer from head to toe. A ballet barre is helpful, but other home items can easily be used in place of a barre (chair, dresser, etc).