BIA Performing Company
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BIA Performing Company

With the help of non-profit Ballet ATL, BIA provides numerous performance opportunities for students of all ages within professional and student productions. Performing is a crucial component of the overall dance education. Students gain invaluable experience from studio instruction, preparation periods, rehearsals on and off stage, and full production performances. Performances offer chances for students to learn first-hand the artistry, expression, and technical excellence expected in the Dance Industry. From the moment of casting to the time they take their final bow, our dancers grow in their talents and maturity.

Students placed in our Trainee-Apprentice Program are eligible to audition for a position in the performing Company at the beginning of each dance season. Dancers in our lower levels, or in our Flex Program, are eligible to perform in company performances as a “Non-Company Dancer”. This gives all of our dancers more opportunities to be on stage improving their craft.

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