``...because training a dancer means so much more than dance classes.``

BIA provides the same year around personal attention and performance opportunities to its students that have made Summer Dance Company a unique experience for dancers.

Founder Jaime Robtison created Ballet Institute of Atlanta to provide the highest quality dance training possible for serious students, physically and mentally.

In addition to a strong emphasis on technical development, BIA offers a diverse curriculum that includes dancer strength training and stretch classes.

To obtain a career in dance, the demands on a dancer’s body go far beyond what can be gained from dance classes alone. Taking dance class after dance class is not training. Training has to be detailed and rigorous work for the individual to develop, prepare and sculpt the body. In addition to detailed training, Ballet Institute of Atlanta (BIA) offers a diverse curriculum that includes dancer strength and flexibility training to give dancers the extra push they need. 

Founder and Director Jaime Robtison also believes it is imperative to teach students to be confident in themselves throughout their training. When dancers have the confidence to express who they are through dancing, they become far more valuable as artists. Teaching students how to develop the necessary mental strength is often the most difficult part of training, but can be the most helpful tool a dancer can have. 

BIA’s unique and well-rounded approach to training gives aspiring dancers all of the necessary tools needed to achieve their goals.

Highest Quality Classical Ballet Training
Small Class Size for Individual Attention
Strength and Flexibility Classes
Numerous Performance Opportunities
Jazz and Multiple Styles of Contemporary
Experienced, Nurturing and Inspiring Faculty